Privacy Policy


We (Prime IT) are fully respectful to our customers’ privacy. We won’t collect any data without their approval.

Purpose of Our Data Collection

In some cases, we may collect user’s data to use it in future for our own campaign and promotion, of course we will collect data only after getting users consent and this collection of data must be in legal way. By collecting their data, we just want to inform our customers about our latest campaign, offer and updates of our courses, service and products. 

Can Our Data Collection Cause Any Harm to You

We are ensuring you firmly that our data collection will never cause any harm to our users. They are fully safe when their data is in our collection.

User of Our Collected Data

We must not allow our partner, third party and any other organization to use our database. We will never sell our customers data to any person, organization or authority. By all means, the government, law enforcing agencies and their authorized organization and person can use our database.

Principle of Data Collection

Though we collect some data for our own purpose, our data collection will be controlled by state, province, country, national and international law.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), made by European Union 0n 14 of April 2016, has created a path of safety of private data of citizens. All the European citizen’s privacy will be protected by this law both inside and outside of Europe. As we are loyal and respectful to international law, we follow GDPR.

It is our humble request to you, please visit our website and make any contract if you fully agree with us. Your continuous visit will be considered as your consent to our privacy policy.

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